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He always goes the extra mile to keep his clients happy.

How To Turn Your Temp Job Into A Permanent One

I would recommend William for anything he does. I cannot give enough appreciation to the founders of Eclipse Professional Service. I walked in to get a temporary warehouse position just to get me out of the house after many years of being a housewife and mother! Rose insisted she had greater plans for me! They set higher expectations than I had for myself!

Which in return, encouraged me to not only grow within a career I had never dreamed of but to never sell myself short! I am forever grateful! Dallas Marvin D.

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Love Frwy. Companies are using temporary positions to ensure the employee is really capable of doing the job they need with little risk involved. We encourage permanent employees to try out temp-to-perm positions for this reason, which can be very lucrative opportunities.

Imagine this…. You just landed a new temporary job at the company you really wanted with the ability to turn into a permanent position.

How do you best position yourself to stay with the company and turn into a permanent employee? We will share the top ways we prepare employees to remain at a company and stay long term as a permanent employee. Come to work ready each and every day as though you already had the job. Many temporary employees will do a good job at their assignment, but we encourage you to do a GREAT job.

Using a Temporary Assignment to Land a Permanent Position

Remember that if you want to stay long term, the company is looking for someone that is treating this position as though they are going to stay long term. Make sure you try to integrate quickly and ask the questions you need to make good choices. Remember assimilating into a company is a lot of work and increased stress for you as well as the employer. Try to help manage this process by being eager to learn, ask good questions and follow through on tasks and assignments.

The company that just hired you is looking to assess your skills each and every day. It is one thing to say you can do certain tasks in an interview and another thing to actually finish those tasks in a timely and accurate fashion. We recommend continuing to be yourself each and every day while remembering that you are being tested continually as to whether or not you are a good fit into the company.

Take each day as though you were in an interview and the outcome will be in your favor. If the company does not know that you are considering long term employment, they may assume you are leaving after the assignment has been completed.

He just sat at his desk, head down all the time. Make sure you learn what you can about the company. When I was in grad school, I worked as an administrative temp in a variety of different places.

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One of them was a financial services company, which was totally outside of my wheelhouse. Once you know what the needs are, you can start sharpening or showing off the skills that are valuable to that particular industry or company.

If all else fails, or you have trouble keeping your focus, remember that this is basically an extended job interview. Not all contract positions will turn into full-time gigs especially as companies look for creative ways to get work done with ever-smaller budgets , but you have nothing to lose by treating this as the one that might make the conversion. Want More Content Like This? Your email address is already registered. Log in here.