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Although abominations were once guards in Undercity, they have been replaced with the Kor'kron Guard , after the Battle for the Undercity. Important Scourge abominations include Glutton a constantly hungry abomination found in Razorfen Downs , Ramstein the ruthless guardian of Baron Rivendare's slaughterhouse in Stratholme and the titanic Patchwerk whom Kel'Thuzad uses as his "Avatar of War".

This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon. Abominations are undead , ogre -like creatures, mounds of corpses cobbled together. The stomach-churning reek is choking, and a green-brown haze surrounds them. Their guts spill from a jagged gap in their stomach, and flies buzz about it, feasting.

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Three disproportionate, arm-like limbs emerge from their bloated body, two bearing bloody cleavers, and the other a thick chain with a hook on the end. Their tongues are thick and round and dangle from between crooked, yellow teeth. Abominations are large created creatures, similar to flesh golems. Mutilated bodies and limbs from many creatures combine into a single twisted, hideous form. A viscous trail of blood leaks from it with each laborious step, and the ripe decay of the slaughterhouse wafts from its body.

These magically created automatons are incredibly powerful, possessing literally the strength of ten human men.

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Constructing one requires a great understanding of necromancy and science and the capacity to both animate undead and cause magical healing to living flesh. They are difficult to create, but once made they are fanatically loyal servants and tremendously powerful warriors. The twisted, mutilated bodies of abominations are comprised of multiple dead limbs and body parts from various corpses.

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These enormous warriors love to carve flesh and tear apart their enemies. They carry large cleavers into combat and wield various sicklebladed hooks on their disproportionate limbs.

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This creature is a singular entity with a united soul and, because of this unique makeup, is considered both an undead creature and a construct. It is certain that the abomination remembers nothing concrete of its previous lives, although snatches of memory occasionally plague the beast at times of great stress or unusual pressure.

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They are slow of body and mind, but tough and strong — excellent troops for the Scourge and the Forsaken. Disease spreads about them in visible clouds, but their enchantments ensure that, while they rot, they remain horribly alive. Abominations are some of the most powerful undead creatures in Azeroth. The Forsaken use them to guard Undercity and the Scourge employs them in a similar role.

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While not speedy, they are excellent at staying in one area and pounding anyone who gets close. Abominations understand Common and speak it…sort of. Abominations are fearless, tenacious, and resilient, capable of pressing their advantage in combat for hours at a time without growing weary or weak. Their strength and ability are based on their unusual construction — they truly are more powerful than ten ordinary human men.

Although mostly mindless creatures, they do occasionally show a flash of insight, modifying their orders to be more advantageous such as attacking the most powerful opponent first when commanded into a battle. Abominations are large, strong, virtually brainless amalgams of animated corpses. Herrscher of Void. Hiram Lodge. Isaac Westcott. Isaac Westcott CH. Isaac Westcott SP.

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