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Older boxwood care will include thinning limbs to allow sunshine to reach the inner foliage. The boxwood leaf miner is the most common pest one must deal with when caring for boxwoods. If foliage begins to yellow, treat with organic oil or insecticidal sprays. Phytophthora root rot may result from soggy soils.

Information on Boxwood Care

Yearly soil tests can determine if the soil pH for the boxwood is correct. Soil pH should be between 6. It is best to test the soil before planting boxwood. As slow-growing landscape, boxwoods are valuable plants, and consequently they are expensive.

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Take time to choose where to plant boxwood carefully. Remember to water and mulch properly for a long-lived, vigorous specimen. Read more articles about Boxwoods. Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. Sign up for our newsletter. Friend's Email Address.

Tips for Planting Boxwood

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Boxwood 3-minute trim with power shears

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Boxwood Care – How To Grow Boxwood Shrubs

Facebook 0 Tweet 0 Pin 0 Email 0. Related Articles. Take clippers to these:. Just about every boxwood is a candidate for a container because they look just as good in January as they do in June.

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Choose a fast-draining pot that is at least as wide and tall as the plant itself and preferably bigger. The larger the container, the more soil it holds and the less often you have to water.

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Provide excellent drainage : Boxwood is highly adaptable to various soil types, including average or poor soils as well as acidic or alkaline provided the soil is well-drained. Prevent by amending soil with lots of organic matter and planting high when installing. Keep it clean : When a boxwood is sheared to produce denser outer foliage, air circulation is inhibited, light is prevented from reaching the inner sections of the plant and dead leaves and stems accumulate in the center of the plant, all of which can promote fungal diseases that can cause potentially fatal dieback.

Prune back all dying branches to healthy wood, remove all debris from the center of the plant, and thin out some of the outside growth so that air and light can reach the center.

Growing Beautiful Boxwood Shrubs

Protect boxwoods by keeping them vigorous and healthy, watered as needed in late and apply a fresh layer of mulch in fall to help prevent winter damage. Fertilizing and watering: Apply a balanced, all-purpose fertilizer in spring to encourage leafy growth and again in fall to promote root growth. Monthly application of compost tea and use of drip irrigation, which might mitigate blight, can help maintain their health.

If your plant is older, one of the slower-growing varieties, or taller than 3 feet, the time to recover makes trying to save it impractical. Replace it with a new one. Winter Gem Boxwood. Variegated English Boxwood. Green Beauty Boxwood. Dwarf English Boxwood.