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I get the feeling that his books will always be a European-centric mythos, so now that I think about it, he'll probably not have any other pantheons other than European gods Egyptian still counts since it's closest to Europe and major European historical events also happened in Egypt. So probably Celtic and Slavic. In all honesty, I want him to do non-European pantheons becoz it can help give less known religions to popular culture.

I wish Riordan can do the same to other pantheons, but his lack of expertise in those will probably prevent him from writing about them.

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If Rick Riordan wrote about Slavic mythology it would help many people for example hole lot of Russians understand their culture. Christians I don't know if you spell it like that, I mean hole Jesus religion turned many Slavic demons into their monsters And I think Slavic mythology is as interesting as Greek or Egyptian. I think RR should write more stories about the Norse and Egyptian pantheons.

He wrote two 5 book series about the Greeks, 3 if you count the Trials of Apollo. He wrote 3 book series for the other ones. He can write more stories for MC and Kanes. I think the reason why he put the Kane Chronicles as a trilogy was because there was only enough source material for three books. It's also the same for Magnus Chase. Really I am hoping for a series on Hindu gods. There is a lot that can be covered by it and it will be interesting!

I'd love to see an Indian pantheon but sadly it's heavy work as it's much more tangled than the other myths RR took on. It's baddies just turn out too good towards the end. Cursed monsters waiting for Gods' mercy. Personally, i think Riordan is not going to write about Hindu mythology, since that will create an outrage among Hindus. Most of us are very protective of our religion.

It isn't has if Riordan is gonna insult Hindu mythology. I am pretty sure that he will do it if he wants to. There have been books on Hindu mythology before. Japanese mythology would be cool it has a lot of gods and goddesses and plenty of monsters.

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It depends. But the way he writes his books, some followers are gonna get mad. Whatever currently followed religion. He can also write on Indian Mythology but i think he mightn't write books on Indian Mythology because Indian Mythology very vast and lengthy. Riordan doesn't want his books to be banned. His books are already a controversial topic in many libraries in America.

To be honest, I don't need another series about another pantheon since I feel that the popular and suitable ones are already used Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Norse. I would instead love to read more about the Egyptian Gods and the Romans. However, I hope that RR stays away from Native American gods since that is a very sensitive topic and I don't think that there would be a good way to include them in a book because Native American religion is a closed religion and it's pretty easy to appropriate that culture.

Plus, which gods does he want to write about? There are dozens of different gods and different mythologies. I mean it would be possible to select one but I think that the risk is too high to do something wrong. You can Only differentiate the Romans from the Greeks by slight nuances, If you've read about the Greek pantheon, change the names, give them more warrior-like qualities and BAM! Roman Mythology! It would be nice if Rick wrote a book on Non-European Gods, to prove that he could write a series with five books outside of the Greeks.

People, heck. RR has already said he wouldn't do that, which is why no one is talking about. It would be a hot mess in theory anyway. I'm sorry, I know this post is really old, but is anyone forcing you to read Riordan's books? Because if not, I don't get how whatever he decides to write could become tiresome to you xD. Oh my goodness, guys how can you not know Shokolokobangoshe Gods? Their like the most famous African Gods! It's anyone's guess on what new pantheon Riordan is going to write after Magnus Chase.

For me, I'm voting for Slavic gods. Michael Morningstar wrote: It's anyone's guess on what new pantheon Riordan is going to write after Magnus Chase. Would be cool to see. From the incredibly little I know about the Aztecs, I know they were very warlike. We have a lot of cults in Africa. One I can remember off the top of my head is the JeJe cult of the yorubaland.

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They are basically magicians who connect with nature and control an aspect of it through their spells. Yess Wicca is my fav after Greco-Roman! Little tip: I an author as well, like the best writer in my school and I think it best, if you want to follow Riordan footsteps, that you create your own pantheon. Like I have a series based on two enemy Vauron camps who have their own separate Lords, one called Krypta the other Saugon.

Commander Tool Belt wrote: Little tip: I an author as well, like the best writer in my school and I think it best, if you want to follow Riordan footsteps, that you create your own pantheon.


It would be a new and good spin if Rick ever want with one of the mythologies from places in the Pacific like Native New Zealanders, Aborignal Australians would be hard cause of so many names for every god , Hawaiian and possibly more from that area. Oh, come on, guys.

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Riordan is not a god of writing - soon he will get out of ideas for new books. Give the man a break. The longer a book series is, the more uninteresting it becomes.

If he continues to write about the Seven till their deaths it will be lame - he will have to add a problem to drive the story. And it's stupid to have the same characters doing all over and over again the whole thing. It's better to leave them live their lives or just create other. A book series can be great and if it's short like the Hunger Games or Divergent.

RR basically confirmed on Twitter that he wouldn't touch Hindu gods within a 10 foot poll the other day, lol. Multiple people have clearly stated they wanted to see him do a series about Hindu gods.

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This is me telling them it will never happen. Thank you for pointing out the very obvious. The Hindu religion is its mythology, pretty much. And maybe it's just me, but I'm really not comfortable with Rick doing certain myths. Like, his egyptian series was good, but I was super weary about reading it when it came out. But what I think Rick should do, is make a series about a small group of teenaged mortals who can see through the Mist in Greek Mythology in Camp half blood universe that goes to quests, fight monsters, and saves the world and stuff.

I know it probably sounds really silly, but I feel like they kind of underrate mortals in the books. I feel like it would be a good idea, just to show you don't need special powers to be a hero. I agree that Rick should stick to the Mythologies that he's gotten out now. Like, Mytho-Religions such as Hinduism or Native America lores are things that are still very much alive, and are super sacred to the specific group s that practice them. If Rick, a white man, were to suddenly come along and write about Mytho-Relisions like these, and their customs without doing ALOT of research, I imagine that he would get a ton of backlash from some very pissed off and offended people.

Sumerian Mythology, in my opinion, would be a really interesting series to read about. Or, on the off chance that he one day stops writing about things like that, I'd like to see him do something about Arthurian Lore.

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I don't know, is just that I don't see Rick doing another series, maybe he will do just one more series. Am I the only one who feels this way?

Though he could change his mind about that. He is the author, after all. I hope Riordan will end the series on Trials Of Apollo and Magnus Chase, it's very tiresome when u wait every year for a new book. And its not like they are different sectors of earth, they are basically living in the same space, would zeus even allow that? Though my memory is faint, I believe that the Gods from other pantheons stay out of each other's business:Apollo mentions other Sun Gods in the Hidden Oracle, and from what we've seen the only ones not aware of one another are the Demigods, Magicians, and Einherjar barring the Kane Siblings, Magnus Chase, Annabeth Chase, and Percy Jackson all being aware of one another to some extent I.

Percy and Annabeth knowing about the Magicians, and the Kane Siblings knowing about the Demigods, with Magnus knowing of the Greek Pantheon at the end of his first book. Apollo also flirted with Frey, so there doesn't seem to be any rules prohibiting them from interacting with other Gods outside their own pantheon,. AACM12 wrote: yeah but i mean how does it work as in the domains and stuff like the earth was created by chaos in greek myth but by ra in egyptian, how can there be more than one earth goddess when gaea is the earth?

The Olympians are stated to be the "heart" of Western Civilization, and thus it makes them the top pantheon with the most power from what we can see Truth be told, I think that Rick should have been more thoughtful about his universe. That is exactly what I thought. Especially since three well-known pantheons exist in the same universe.