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That makes it so special for me. If the weather is not horrible, I would definitely spend some time just wandering around a part of town that seems interesting to you, and see what turns up small cafes, quirky bars, interesting shops, restaurants that make you hungry etc. There is no point in giving restaurant recommendations, there are so many many choice and I dont know what kind of food you are looking for. Whatever you crave, you will find it. Just walk around and see what turns up.

Maria durch ein Dornwald ging - Adventslied, Weihnachtslied, acapella

If you eat meat, having a Currywurst at least once is probably a must. For enthusiasts, there is even a Currywurst museum near Checkpoint Charlie. There is great ethnic food in Berlin for example, my favorite Thai restaurant outside of Thailand is in Berlin. And prices are very very reasonable. Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and around Checkpoint Charlie are some great areas to walk around and find good eating places. For lunch, I also really like to go to the food court in the KaDeWe.

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Its very posh and expensive, but offers great views, and is great for really fancy stuff like oysters etc. For "must does" - again, totally depends on what you are looking for. Myself, I am very much into ancient especially Egyptian history, so my must see - on every visit to Berlin - is the fabulous Egyptian Museum. Tasports harbour master Charles Black also presented the captain with a plaque. The ship generally caters for German-speaking tourists and onboard it is pure luxury.

Cruise ship host Michial Schouwstra took The Advocate on a tour of the ship.

NATO officers from Turkey have turned into stateless asylum-seekers

He is one of the team of people who take care of the passengers, along with the reception staff. DW examines the situation. Turkey's interior minister has said Ankara will soon start returning captured IS fighters to their home countries. A number of the militants come from Germany. Ankara doesn't take kindly to critics — and has been using Interpol to hunt down Turkish dissidents in Germany and elsewhere. An exclusive DW report. Turkish authorities say 20 German "Islamic State" members are in their custody.

They want Germany and other European countries to repatriate their citizens, something most have been hesitant to do. More info OK.

Holocaust Survivors and Victims Database

Wrong language? Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting. COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. Green Party deputy parliamentary speaker Claudia Roth. Read: What happens following 'yes' vote in Turkish referendum Roth spoke of a "new level of escalation" and "a de facto cancellation of political dialogue" between the two NATO allies.

The Member and The Radical

NATO officers from Turkey have turned into stateless asylum-seekers The Erdogan regime is targeting its own NATO personnel, accusing high-ranking Turkish officers of being coup plotters, ordering them to return home. What happens now following the 'yes' vote in the Turkish referendum? Galicia, Poland. It was occupied by Nazi Germany on September 6, The regional Jewish community.

National Association of Jews in Germany Bad Kissingen Germany Passau Germany Gunzenhausen Germany. Title In English : List of former East workers. Zone, Munich. In May of , he developed a plan to extricate approximately 3, Jews Pacific, S. Atlantic, and S.

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The ships departed. This grouping contains documents about the Czech forced labor workforce in Germany. Most documents. Germany from to ; data includes names, birthdates, birthplaces and residences Bergen-Belsen [concentration camp] Germany Berlin Germany. Wohlfahrtsamt Municipal Public Relief Office. Treuchtlingen Germany Marktredwitz Germany Kassel Germany.

Munich Germany Heilbronn Germany Stuttgart Germany Germany or various labor camps, requests for deferral of service obligation or for leave or absence. Title In English : Reich flight tax and warrants for apprehension related to this tax Tirschenreuth Germany Augsburg Germany Stadtbezirkes District-Inspectorate of District 24 Bezirksinspektion des Stadtbezirkes District Inspectorate of District 16 Bezirksinspektion des The District Administrator in Weissenburg i.

Ansbach Germany Berlin Germany Passau Germany. Lohhof Germany Title In English : Summary of those companies that have signed the commitment form that is required by the Munich Municipality at the municipal electric utility.

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Polizeiamt Offenbach a. Garmisch-Partenkirchen Germany Weissenburg Germany Goppingen Germany.

Association of Jews in Germany Garmisch Germany Bad Salzschlirf Germany Bad Homburg vor der Hohe Germany. Reinhardt, Sonneberg. Creator: Regional Komitee der befreiten Juden. Augsburg, Germany ; import version contains less data than the current online version which was completed in Kriegshaber Germany. This index includes name, date Lenne [forced labor camp] Germany Forced labor-- Germany.