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2. History of the relations between China and Taiwan

In: G. Altner et al.

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  • 2. History of the relations between China and Taiwan.

Sprache und Schrift, in: with A. Guest Editor with G. Politische Systeme und regionale Kontexte im Vergleich, Wiesbaden , Politische Systeme und regionale Kontexte im Vergleich, Wiesbaden Wer und Was sind die Yi, in: with A. Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft, in: with A. Wo steht China politisch?

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Die Isolation Taiwans ist zu beenden

Erlebnisse und Ergebnisse aus der Sicht politikwissenschaftlicher Ostasienforschung. View Online Version [pp. Ethnic Entrepreneurs as Agents of Social Change — Entrepreneurs, clans, social obligations and ethnic resources: the case of the Liangshan Yi in Sichuan. View Online Version [pdf]. Peter Lang , Yokoyama, ed. Chinas lang andauernde Reform. Derichs, Hrsg. Entwicklung und Frieden in der Weltgesellschaft. The Henry L. Modernisierung oder Verwestlichung. Private Entrepreneurs in China and Vietnam.

Social and Political Functioning of Strategic Groups. Richard Wilhelms sozialwissenschaftliche Perspektive. Zhongguo siying qiyejia de shehui yu zhengzhi gongneng yanjiu Unternehmer als strategische Gruppen.

Die soziale und politische Funktion von Privatunternehmern in China , Beijing Zhongyang bianyi chubanshe Raszelenberg , Der September und die Folgen in Asien. Environmental degradation and the impact of environmental pollution on health are nowadays issues of the greatest concern for the Chinese public and the government. Aktuelle Publikationen Paperback: The Cultural Legacy of German Colonial Rule This edited volume explores social, economic, political, and cultural practices generated by African, Asian, and Oceanic individuals and groups within the context and aftermath of German colonialism.

Beim Verlag. Zum Artikel. For further information and additional materials please see web-site makingchinamodern. Are China and Japan rivals in Latin America? The Pacific Review. The Article. What makes for good and bad neighbours? For more details. The Case of Yunnan Province Sabrina Habich-Sobiegalla published an article in The China Quarterly which examines the institutional arrangements that guide water governance strategies employed by local cadres in Yunnan province, showing how central control mechanisms in the Chinese administrative system undermine effective water governance at the local level.

Link zum Artikel. The China Quarterly.

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Buch DeGruyter Oldenburg. Article The China Quarterly. The evolution of Chinese film policy: how to adapt an instrument for hegemonic rule to commercialisation By: Elena Meyer-Clement. Krieger Silke and Trauzettel Rolf eds. Konfuzianismus und die Modernisierung Chinas. Mainz : V. Confucianism and the Modernization of China. Ku Chung-hwa.

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