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E-mail o telefono. Revisiting the "10 books that have stayed with you" meme for different countries. While many favorite books are universally popular, the lists also contain local favorites. Go to Page Sorry to say this but I find it really hard to find Spanish TV progs, books and films that I actually enjoy!

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Is it me? However, I have been living in Spain for at least 7yrs now and consider myself to be of an intermediate to upper intermediate level. El Laberinto del Fauno was ok too.

Mena Juan De, First Edition

The history is great and you will get immersed very quick as the descriptions are very realistic. The first movie which i see in Spanish was Nueve Reina and i really love taht movie. Mis favoritos I have just read a lovely novel called "La Bodega". It's by an american author and so written in English, although I read it in French. I'm sure it must be available in Spanish too Find More Posts by weetoon. Very interesting seeing everyone's suggestions - I love reading about Spain. My favorite book about Spain is Voices of the Old Sea by Norman Lewis, about a corner of the Costa Brava before it was overtaken by holiday development.

Rose Macaulay's 'Fabled Shore' is a descriptive tour covering the whole Mediterranean coast and beyond to the Algarve published in Two Middle-aged Ladies in Andalusia is another favorite, published in and written by Penelope Chetwode, the wife of John Betjeman not really relevent about her journey by horse north of Granada. I have read 'Don Quixote's Delusions' by Miranda France and am pretty sure I enjoyed it as I have kept it but can't remember much except there is quite a lot of anecdote about Madrid.

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I have just read 'The Man of My Life' in translation and it was good but not really my cup of tea. Good for browsing. Acabo de leer La Sangre de los inocentes , Julia Navarro, y ahora planeo leer sus otras novelas y quizas sus libros de analisis politico; me encanta como se ha vinculado lo historico con lo moderno.

Es un thriller. Tambien durante el invierno lei todas las novelas historicas de Caroline Roe que tienen lugar en Gerona en el siglo XI, con un medico judio que resuelve asesinos misteriosos.

Roe, catedratica canadiense de historia medieval, mezcla bien la historia europa, cataluna, con la vida cotidiana de Gerona. Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Laura Gallego , oi o es escuche? He leido casi todo de ellos que puedo conseguir en EE.

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Oye, hay alguien que conozca autores latinoamericanos como LG, CRZ que escriban para lectores jovenes? Ya he leido la trilogia de Allende , muy buena, pero busco mas Encontre unas listas de lecturas recomendadas para los de 2o de ESO 8th grade , y vienen llegando a casa, y los leere, pero Hay unas listas parecidas lecturas recomendadas para los estudiantes de Latino America?

Bibliographie (Pays de langue espagnole)

Otra cosa: alguien ha compilado una lista de todos estos libros que se la pueda compartir? Y finalmente: Agradezco cualquier correccion gramatical. Porque me interesa mucho este tema, estoy muy emocionado. I think it is an absolutely fascinating interpretation of Galicia and all of its mystical and colorful culture. Another movie this one definately more colorful - albeit it a different kind of colorful is Laberintos de Pasiones Almodovar Excellent interpretation of the post-franco movida madrilena really just a interesting yet at times sobering through its flamboyancy perspective of the political state of Spain in the early 80s.


No he leido libros de autores hispanohablantes, sino solamente obras que han sido traducido en espanol. Un fragmento de vida a tres chicas de el grupo punk Las Siux. The forum proved to be very useful. Especially for beginners in spanish like me. As i am starting to learn spanish it was very useful for me. I went to see Los Abrazos Rotos at the cinema on Friday evening and really enjoyed it The film was shown in Spanish with English subtitles.