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You know, the things you'll actually remember. I am in love with love, I see the world through the lens of my camera, I love travel and I absolutely love capturing images of people in love. My photography style is very candid, and blends photojournalism with romantic portraits. Sounds like something you might like?

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Studio Julie is a destination wedding photography studio, located in Key West, Florida, that truly lives and breathes weddings. Our approach, shooting style and quirky attitudes enable us to capture images from your special day. We truly have fun and love doing what we do. I believe that any man who can drive while kissing a girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves. My name is Stacia and I am a hopeless romantic, small town country girl with passion for adventure, pretty things, and camera clickin. The moment I picked up a camera, I realized it was my super power.

It was love at first sight. Now, I create breathtaking, epic wedding images painted gracefully with Gods' light for the style obsessed bride.

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I cater to brides longing for a modern photography style with an artistic, high fashion approach. My award winning work has been featured in numerous bridal magazines, publications and books and takes me around the globe from the Florida Keys to London England, although you can usually find me barefoot, camera in hand by the ocean. It's not the camera but who's behind the camera! Wedding Photographer to madly in love couples who wants to document your love story as it happens, by capturing real and authentic moments.

True Love.

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  • True moments. True memories That's what Cortiella Photography is about! Gone are the days of traditional and romantic. I believe in LOVE I believe in LEGACY, your soul and heart put into your family that will become valued family history and treasured long after your time is gone. I am a husband, a father, a photographer, and an adventurer. During my travels, I have been lucky enough to photograph some incredible sights but my favorite thing to photograph has always been people. People inspire awe simply through their being, what they do, and how they do things.

    There is no aspect of photography more challenging or rewarding than capturing the true spirit of a person. My love of photography is fueled by my desire to capture the nature of humanity, interpersonal relationships, and emotion. There is no environment more rich in these elements than a wedding. A wedding is a convergence of two paths: unfolding through a series of moments,interactions, and emotions.

    My goal is to put those moments together to tell one single important story that will be shared between a couple and their family. I tell stories in documentary form. I photograph weddings candidly as they unfold naturally, allowing couples to focus on the sights, sounds and feelings as they occur.

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    My portraits mix naturalism, context, and creativity to express the power of people. Me and my wife are wedding journalists catching all those funny and lovely moments in the life of a beautiful couple who are ready to live the best part of their lives. While i develop my Photography in every wedding, she rocks with her Videos. Meet new couples, fall in love with them to know how they live together is our goal to share the best results.

    Hey there! I'm Vanessa, the photographer from our wife and husband, creative wedding photography and videography team out of Hallandale Beach, Florida, a cute vintage down right between Miami and Fort Lauderdale. We just love weddings and enjoy spending the day with other couples. My goal is to make sure that when you look at your photos you feel the same way you did on your wedding day. I love freestyling with all of my couples to make sure that the images reflect their true personality. My style is a mixture of documentary and artistic. Which means that I try my best to not make adjustments so that I can capture the raw feelings in the moment but I can arrange things so that they look great.

    I simply love bring out beauty that not even the subjects know they have! Thanks for checking out my work; I'm glad you stopped by. I've had the joy of being a commercial photographer since I was introduced to the art of photography in college, while getting my Art degree. I would spend long nights in the dark room developing prints the good old-fashioned way. My background in Fine Arts has brought a definitive influence to my work. In all my shoots, I strive to inject creativity, and an artistic touch with a goal to capture the day in non-obtrusively way.

    I work mostly in South Florida and Washington D. C but have shot weddings all the way from the Keys to the UK! I'm passionate about giving my couples images that really capture their love in a creative, laid back way. I would love to hear from your looking a fun, creative, non stuffy photo artist to capture your big day.

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    I'm Emilie, I created Big World Photography as a way to tell the little moments and stories that make up our great big world. In honor of this I took off on a one way ticket to travel the world in , and tell these stories. While I was in New Zealand I fell in love with telling love stories in the mountains because it is the perfect representation of the largeness that love is. Yes, Bo Nix can handle this environment. But in some ways I think their defensive statistics are skewed. He has it.

    I truly believe no moment is too big for him. There is no environment that will be too much for him. The kid is for real. History, for whatever you consider that to be worth, is also on our side. And Gus typically performs well in big games when coaching his better teams. Auburn performs well when both teams are undefeated: Since , Auburn is when both teams are undefeated AND Auburn has at least 4 wins on the season to eliminate v matchups. Additionally, two of thoes wins have been against Florida. We would have ate his ass up. His passing skills look much more refined than Franks.

    His arm talent is undeniable. Trask is even more inexperienced than Nix, even going back to high school days. He can sling it and I expect him to make some dime throws, particularly when catching Auburn DBs in man coverage.