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Tony Blair cared more about getting filthy rich than he did about peace in the Middle East

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Funk Machine - May Hey all, new mix for you to go check out with my usual funky selection of all the latest releases. Lastly look out another big favourite of mine on the discogalaxy label called Da Beat by DJ Vou with the main man Kittles brin Release Hi guys, Sorry its been so long since my last mix. I have been producing and sending out to labels so wish me luck! This was a mix I did in the spur of the moment. Started out with some deep house and then I went for tribal funky a bit later. Hope you enjoy it and it gets you jumpin!!

Release: 1. Evren Ulusoy - Release Yourself 2.

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  6. Bas Amro - Co's Egg 4. Mikehouse - American Fabian Argomeda Login with Facebook. We found more than one account under this email. Need help? And yet, they excel, often quite notably, in academics, sports , and other pursuits. So what we have is a generation of paradox: Bright, talented, increasingly troubled children. And when they don't excel, they often fail quite spectacularly. Groundbreaking research was conducted in the late s by Columbia University psychology professor Suniya Luthar.

    Luthar compared more than mostly white, mostly rich suburban tenth graders with the same number of mostly black, mostly low-income urban tenth graders and found that the affluent teens drank, smoked, and used drugs at a higher rate than their low-income counterparts. The students with money were also more depressed: 22 percent reported clinically significant symptoms.

    In subsequent studies, Luthar found that high-income students were also more likely to experience anxiety , chronic academic difficulties, psychological distress, and delinquent behavior. In the follow-up to Luthar's work, researchers have similarly pointed out that some of the most at-risk students in the modern age are those who seem to have everything going for them, including their parents' resources.

    Most place the blame not on the money, or excess of it, but on parents who are too indulgent -- materially and emotionally -- or too absent. There have in recent years been a host of books on the topic of misguided affluent youth, all of which have received considerable attention because let's be honest: whether derided or defended, the rich are fascinating; as such, everyone wants to read, watch, and generally absorb more about them. In Too Much of a Good Thing, Harvard professor Dan Kindlon writes about a generation of "yes" parents who bring up weak-minded kids with an over-abundance of entitlement and self-esteem that ties only to their family's wealth.

    Madeline Levine's The Price of Privilege focuses on parents who put too much pressure on kids to be perfect, which instead causes them to suffer from depression and turn to drugs. Paul Tough's How Children Succeed makes a convincing case that parents with resources aren't, as a whole, doing their kids any favors.

    But there are plenty of parents who do most things right. We tend not to hear these stories, although that doesn't mean those endings aren't also bleak, because they can be.

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    Pretending money doesn't exist, or even forming an approach that works at home, becomes void once the kids leave the house, and the parents lose control -- that is, once they go to school, or spend time with anyone beyond the family. And this is what most books on the topic of raising privileged children don't address: When it's not the wealthy family who create pain, but everyone else. As a culture, we're obsessed with the lives, and the bank accounts, of others, a fascination fueled by shows like Gossip Girl and The Real Housewives, and websites like Rich Kids of Instagram, which documents the often-lavish lifestyles of the young and endowed.

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    The majority of society has formed an opinion about affluence that's pretty firm: it's greedy, excessive, showy, disconnected, and not like the rest of us. In the wake of the financial crisis, the wealthy have been positioned as suspect at best, crooks at worst. And so people with money don't quite know how to feel about themselves, either. The message is clear all over pop culture: Middle class family is where the real life, and real happiness , exists; where the values that count are formed and passed on.

    Books like Levine's instruct parents about the art of teaching "middle class values," a rhetoric that more often than not leaves both parents and children confused.

    It's difficult to impart "middle class values" on children who attend school with some of the wealthiest kids in the world. Instead, the talk should be about redefining, and reclaiming, "upper class values" as ones that aren't inherently flawed.

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    There are times in children's lives when parents wish that they could protect them from other people's reactions to their wealth. But can't -- not always. Not when a son is bullied in school, sent home in tears, for being what the other kids called "filthy rich.

    And she hadn't told anyone about that plane. Aside from changing her last name and hiding all details of her life from potential new friends, what is she supposed to do?