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This flower is a rare native plant that has been classified as an endangered species type 2 by the Japanese Ministry of Environment.

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The flower had disappeared because of costal land reclamation activities by humans, but it has come back to life after the tsunami. It was chased out by people, but came back when people were gone.

The innocent blue flowers embrace the ruthless laws of nature. I have arranged many flowers.

Flowers were blooming, as is natural, in the tsunami-affected areas, abandoned buildings, in the corners of a ghost town, and on the hill where one can view the nuclear power plant that interspersed radioactive substance…. The deformities recall those of butterflies found in Fukushima last year, with a study noting that a population of local butterflies had experienced size reduction, slowed growth, high mortality, and morphological abnormalities following the disaster.

But the fact that this type of deformity can occur naturally in these plants casts doubt on the assumption that it's linked to the effects of radiation.

And according to a study , radiation-induced fasciation in wild plants is extremely unlikely. Fasciation - otherwise known as cresting - is a rare mutation that can affect the stem, root, flower head, and sometimes even the fruit of over species of vascular plants around the world. Enban Gyoza read more.

Man builds flower garden in hometown field after Fukushima evacuation order lifted

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