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About the Book. A Definitive Guide to the Galgo Espanol Including history of the breed, diseases, Spanish and European animal protection laws, Spanish and International rescue associations. A must read for everyone wanting to know about this breed.

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A full-time nurse, Anne began her work for greyhounds in on adopting an abandoned greyhound and on researching the massive problem in the Uk and Ireland of the disposal of hundreds of healthy dogs with 10 or more years to run of their lives. She helped find homes over the south of England with the Retired Greyhound Trust, promoting greyhounds as pets. She campaigned for a greater public awareness of the situation, the prolific breeding, wastage and often harsh lives of these dogs, where gambling and profit are the over-riding aims of the game.

Her concern soon extended to the or so poor-grade greyhounds being exported annually by lorry from Ireland to the dog tracks in Spain, worrying accounts of which were beginning to filter back via tourists and the press.

Heaven Can Help The Autobiography of a Medium 9780595455263 Paperback

In , Anne could bear to hear these tales no longer and went to investigate the situation for herself. She reported back to the press, sporting and welfare authorities on the disgraceful conditions under which she found Irish greyhounds being kept and raced at the four tracks in Spain. She alerted dog lovers in mainland Europe to their plight, who, because they had no quarantine barrier nor masses of unwanted greyhounds of their own, were in a better position to offer salvation to dogs she could rescue, albeit the breed was still unfamiliar to them.

Between then and , three tracks in Spain and two in Italy closed down, partly due to her publicity work, leaving many hundreds of Irish dogs, some in very poor condition, needing rescuing and rehabilitating. The greyhound so captivated the hearts of those who generously took in these poor specimens in those early days, that 20 years on, GIN needs nowadays to meet the demands created by that original rescue work, for a continuing trail of retired Irish and UK ex-racing greyhounds to be available as pets in mainland Europe.

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She learned that it had been traditional, possibly for centuries, for hunters to hang their galgos at the end of the 4-month coursing season in Spain each year. Since that time until the present day, GIN cooperates with Spanish associations all over Spain to publicise the plight of these dogs, denounce this horror and help find adoption families for the abandoned galgos who come into their care, donating equipment and practical assistance for their rehabilitation, funding their veterinary care and preparing them for export and transportation to European partner-groups for re-homing as family pets.

Anne has always endeavoured to research issues independently and in depth and not to rely on hearsay. She has involved herself, at home and abroad, in committee work, forums and debates between rescuers, hunters and greyhound racing representatives, which she feels is a valid way forward, however painful on both sides, to agreeing common welfare standards. She currently lives on the Isle of Wight, UK, with two galgo-amputees and spends much of her time engaged in her first love, music, both piano-playing and choral work. May What is the Situation in Badajoz? Adopting a galgo Is adoption for you?

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Marcin Moskala. The Kubernetes Book. Nigel Poulton. Docker Deep Dive. Mastering Containers. Connecting to private clients with integrity and compassion, Bonnie has a gentle, loving, and humorous approach to her gift of spirit communication. She is available by appointment, in-person at her Leominster studio or via telephone at Bonnie truly has a gift for teaching!

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Bonnie offers classes on metaphysical modalities and New Age thought at her studio and schools and colleges throughout New England. She is an engaging and uplifting speaker, gifting audiences with insights from the Afterlife, in local ballrooms and function facilities. Check Bonnie's Events page to find her next engagement!

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As a lifetime energy worker, Bonnie administers the "laying on of hands" known as Reiki. Reiki reduces stress and promotes healing by transferring life force energy from Bonnie to the client.

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An amazingly simple technique to learn, the ability to use Reiki is not taught in the usual sense, but is transferred to the student during a Reiki class. Because Reiki comes from God, many people find that using Reiki brings them closer to experiencing God and the Angels. About Me.