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Parsifal presses his heart convulsively and slightly shakes his head. He opens a narrow side-door Off with you, and go on your way! But heed Gurnemanz: in future leave the swans here in peace; a gander should look for a goose! He pushes Parsifal out and bangs the door angrily upon him. Act 2 Top Act 1 Act 3.

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Klingsors Zaubershloss. Im inneren Verliesse eines nach oben offenen Turmes. Zauberwerkzeuge und nekromantische Vorrichtungen. Klingsor's magic castle. The inner keep of a tower open to the sky. Stone steps lead to the battlements on the tower wall. The stage represents the projecting wall of the tower, which leads down into darkness below. Implements of witchcraft and necromantic apparatus.

Schon lockt mein Zauberschloss den Toren, den kindisch jauchzend, fern ich nahen seh'. Auf denn! Ans Werk! Zu mir!

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Herodias warst du, und was noch? Gundryggia dort, Kundry hier: Hieher! Hieher denn!

Dein Meister ruft: herauf! Sie scheint schlafend. Sie macht die Bewegung einer Erwachenden. Erwachst du? Meinem Banne wieder verfallen heut du zur rechten Zeit. Sag', wo triebst du dich wieder umher? Als ihren Meister du mir gefangen haha!

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My magic castle lures the fool, whom I see approaching from afar, shouting boyshly. In deathly sleep the woman is held fast by the curse whose grip I have the power to loosen. Up then! To work! He descends slightly towards the centre and lights incense, which instantly fills the background with blue smoke. Then he seats himself again before his magic mirror and call with mysterious gestures into the depths: Come up!

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Come up! To me! Your master calls you, nameless one, primaeval witch, rose of hell!


You were Herodias, and what else? Gundryggia there, Kundry here! Come here! Come hither, Kundry! Your master calls: obey!


Kundry's shape arises in the bluish light. She seems asleep. Gradually however she moves like one awaking. Finally she utters a terrible scream. Are you waking? To my power you fall again today, at the right time. Kundry itters a laud wail that subsides to a frightened whimper. Say, where have you been roaming again? There among the knights and their circle where you let yourself be treated like beast!

Do you not fare better with me? When you captured their master for me ha ha! Tiefe Nacht Tiefer Schlaf Blackest night! O rage! O misery! Deep sleep!

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  6. Mein Fluch! My curse! O yearning They will not help you; if I bid the right price they are all venal; the steadiest will fall when he sinks in your arms, and so be brought low by the Spear which I myself seized from their master. Now today we have the most dangerous to meet; he is shielded by his foolishness. Weil einzig an mir deine Macht nichts vermag.

    Since only with me does your power avail you nothing. So lacht nun der Teufel mein, dass einst ich nach dem Heiligen rang? Furchtbare Not! Gefiel er dir wohl, Amfortas, der Held, den ich dir zur Wonne dir gesellt? He sinks into gloomy brooding Dire distress! So now the fiend mocks me that once I strove after holiness? Dire distress! The pain of untamed desire, most horrible, hell-inspired impulse which I had throttled to deathly silence does it now laugh aloud and mock through you, bride of the devil? One man already repents his contempt and scorn, that proud man, strong in holiness, who once drove me out.

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    His race I ruined; undredeemed shall the guardian of the holy treasure languish; and soon I know it I myself will guard the Grail Ha ha! How did you like the hero Amfortas whom I ensnared to your charms? Schwach auch er! Schwach alle! Meinem Fluche mit mir alle verfallen! Oh, ewiger Schlaf, einziges Heil, wie, wie dich gewinnen? He too was weak! Weak are they all! All fall victim to my curse! O endless sleep, only release, how can I win you?

    He who spurns you sets you free: attempt it with the boy who is drawing near! Erwachte ich darum? Muss ich? Did I wake for this? Must I? Feinde nah! Dem schlug er den Arm, jenem den Schenkel! Sie weichen! Sie fliehen.