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Death of the anarchist Buenaventura Durruti at Madrid. Three days later, nearly half a million people were estimated to have taken part in his funeral procession at Barcelona. General Franco signs pact with representatives of Mussolini , agreeing to Italian control of the Mediterranean in return for military aid. They arrive in Spain later in December. Start of the Battle of Jarama - a Nationalist offensive to cross the river Jarama, to the east of Madrid. It continued for most of February. The southern port of Malaga is taken by Nationalist forces. Battle of Guadalajara Nationalist offensive.

The city of Guadalajara is 34 miles north east of Madrid. Start of Nationalist offensive on the northern front, commanded by General Mola.

Bombing of the Basque town of Durango by German and Italian aircraft. Nationalists announce blockade of Republican ports on the north Cantabrian coast.

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Non-Intervention Committee scheme to patrol ports and frontiers comes into effect. His new government contains more Communists. The National Government was first formed in , following the collapse of the minority Labour government and in response to the international economic crisis. In theory it was a coalition of all major parties; in practice the Labour Party split over the issue, with the majority of Labour M.

By , the 'National' government was very much a Conservative dominated administration. Germany and Italy withdraw from Non-Intervention Committee.

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Death of the Nationalist commander General Emilio Mola in an aircrash. Start of Republican offensive against Huesca. Offensive abandoned on 19 June. Its leaders are arrested, including Andres Nin , killed several days later.

Illustrated timeline of the Spanish Civil War (in-depth)

Entry of Nationalist forces into the Basque city of Bilbao. Spanish Bishops collectively endorse Franco as legitimate ruler of Spain.

Instrucción de obreros Cristo El Rey (parte 1)

Battle of Brunete - Republican offensive against Nationalist forces to the west of Madrid. Start of Nationalist offensive towards Santander and Asturias. Start of Republican offensive in Aragon Battle of Belchite.

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Capture of Santander by Nationalist forces. The Vatican recognises Franco as ruler of Spain. Start of Nyon Conference, in Switzerland, to discuss Italian submarine attacks on international shipping. Capture of Gijon and Asturias by Nationalist forces. All of the Cantabrian north coast is now under Nationalist control.

Battle of Teruel. Republican forces capture Teruel, before being forced to retreat by a Nationalist counter-attack. Franco constitutes his first cabinet of ministers. Replaced by Lord Halifax. Start of Nationalist offensive in Aragon.

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  • Border with France temporarily reopened, allowing supplies to be transported by land to the Republicans. Catalonia cut off from the rest of Republican Spain, as Nationalist troops take the Mediterranean coastal town of Vinaroz. Signing of Anglo-Italian agreement, including provision that Italian troops should be entitled to stay in Spain until the end of the war.

    Battle of the Ebro. Republican troops launch an offensive across the River Ebro. Despite initial success, the Republican army is eventually forced back across the river by Nationalist counter-attacks.

    Withdrawal of International Brigade from the front. Start of Nationalist offensive in Catalonia. Nationalist forces enter Barcelona. The Republican government had transferred from Barcelona to Figueras. It approves Dr Negrin 's three points for the establishment of peace. Nationalist forces occupy Figueras seven days later. Law of Political Responsibilities introduced by Franco. It allows penalties including imprisonment and confiscation of property to be imposed on any supporters of the Republic, present or past.

    Fall of Catalonia. Fighting within the Republican ranks between rival supporters of the Junta and Negrin follows. By barking at Manny like a drill sergeant when I'm trying to convince Cam that you'd be a great guardian for Lily. Gritando como un sargento cuando trato de convencer a Cam But he needs a friend right now, not a drill sergeant. Loomis, my father was a drill sergeant in the Marine Corps, and he taught me how to defend myself.

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    Illustrated timeline of the Spanish Civil War (in-depth)

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