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Day 10: Your Spiritual Core

It is in our nature. It was something that God desired. As we know, Adam sinned and the intimacy with God was lost. But, God had a plan and He covered Adam and Eve with animal skins and shedding blood in the process typifying the sacrifice of Christ in the future so that the fellowship with mankind could be restored. This was realized at the cross where Jesus became sin on our behalf 2 Cor. Therefore, we are able to come to God through Jesus our mediator 1 Tim.

Since Jesus is God in flesh, our mediator, this means that the intimacy we have with God is with Christ.

How do I prepare for greater intimacy with God?

The word "fellowship" in the Greek is "koinonia" which is translated in the KJV as "communion" in 1 Cor. It is interesting that communion is the place where we accept the ultimate vulnerability of God in Christ who humbled Himself by becoming susceptible to death.

As Christ was humble to the point of death, so we too must be humble to the point of death; that is, death to ourselves, our selfish desires, our personal wants. When compared to God, our purpose should not be to see what we can get from Him.

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It should be to glorify Him and to love Him. Pride seeks its own. Humility seeks others. Isn't that what intimacy is, the seeking of another in the deepest sense? How can we do this if we are proud?

Intimacy with God is a privilege freely given to us by Christ in His sacrifice on the cross. We very much need revival! The Biblical Requirements of True Salvation. Thank you so much for your Blessed messages and material.

Intimacy with God

Please share more Teachings regularly. Keep doing what you are doing. This has really changed our lives. I am thankful to God and to your ministry for your work. Ive benefited so much from it and it has helped me so much in my relationship with Jesus!

Intimacy With God // Francis Chan

I believe its the no1 thing I need to pursue and He makes me so happy and only He gives me satisfaction! Those weeks of study were so very meaningful to me! We have started a church in main town of Pokhara… I am very happy getting your e-mail, and have much blessed by your Intimacy With God program.

Thank you for registering.

May God bless you and provide all resources to you. Many people will be blessed by your program. I am teaching to new and old believers in the training, it is therefore very helpful for me. I am in the time of making important decisions in my life. I could understand it. It was done beautifully and simply… God has changed our lives through this study.

We are both working for a soft and humble heart. I have surfed articles in website it is very useful for me to know Christ.

Sermons about Intimacy With God -

I want to know purpose why I was created and what is the plan that God is having for my life. I want to know God intimately his love for me through his grace. I want to be transformed to image and likeness of God.