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An environmental approach to obesity prevention in children: Medical College of Georgia FitKid Project year 1 results. The Medical College of Georgia FitKid Project: the relations between program attendance and changes in outcomes in year 1. Obesity Facts. Body mass effects of a physical activity and healthy food intervention in middle schools.

Hall WJ. School factors as barriers to and facilitators of a preventive intervention for pediatric type 2 diabetes. Kid's Choice Program improves weight management behaviors and weight status in school children. Journal of Obesity ; Preventing childhood obesity by reducing consumption of carbonated drinks: cluster randomised controlled trial.

BMJ ; Impact of the FITKids physical activity intervention on adiposity in prepubertal children. Randomised controlled trial adapting US school obesity prevention to England. Effect of intervention aimed at increasing physical activity, reducing sedentary behaviour, and increasing fruit and vegetable consumption in children: Active for Life Year 5 AFLY5 school based cluster randomised controlled trial. BMJ ; :g Effect of school based physical activity programme KISS on fitness and adiposity in primary schoolchildren: cluster randomised controlled trial. Effect of physical activity intervention on body composition in young children: influence of body mass index status and gender.

Effectiveness of a diet and physical activity promotion strategy on the prevention of obesity in Mexican school children. BMC Public Health ; 12 Report on childhood obesity in China 8 : effects and sustainability of physical activity intervention on body composition of Chinese youth. Does health education affect BMI?

Randomized controlled trial of the Physical Activity Leaders PALs program for adolescent boys from disadvantaged secondary schools. International Journal of Obesity ; Vol. Promoting healthy lifestyles in high school adolescents: a randomized controlled trial. The 'Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids' randomized controlled trial: efficacy of a healthy lifestyle program for overweight fathers and their children. Increasing obesity in school children in a transitional society and the effect of the weight control program. Health promotion intervention in low socioeconomic kindergarten children.

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BMC Pediatrics ; 13 Family dietary coaching to improve nutritional intakes and body weight control: a randomized controlled trial. Damsgaard CT. Higher protein diets consumed ad libitum improve cardiovascular risk markers in children of overweight parents from eight European countries [Erratum appears in J Nutr. The effect of protein and glycemic index on children's body composition: the DiOGenes randomized study. Preventing obesity during infancy: a pilot study. Effects of a lifestyle intervention on adiposity and fitness in overweight or low fit preschoolers Ballabeina.

Effect of multidimensional lifestyle intervention on fitness and adiposity in predominantly migrant preschool children Ballabeina : cluster randomised controlled trial. BMJ ; :d Lessons learned from Action Schools BC: an active schools model to promote physical activity in elementary schools.

Faulks, Martin

Action Schools! Physical activity to prevent obesity in young children: cluster randomised controlled trial. Girls on the move program to increase physical activity participation. The impact of an intervention taught by trained teachers on childhood overweight. BMC Public Health ; 10 Effects of a physical activity intervention in preschool children.

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise ; 47 12 — Evaluation of implementation and effect of primary school based intervention to reduce risk factors for obesity. Randomised controlled trial of primary school based intervention to reduce risk factors for obesity. Effects of physical education on adiposity in children.

Evaluation of the effectiveness of an intervention program on preventing childhood obesity in Denizli, Turkey. Impact of Baltimore healthy eating zones: an environmental intervention to improve diet among African American youth. School randomised trial on prevention of excessive weight gain by discouraging students from drinking sodas. Effects of a physical education program on physical activity, fitness, and health in children: the JuvenTUM project.

ICAPS: a multilevel program to improve physical activity in adolescents. Diabetes Metab ; ; 32 — BMC Public Health ; 6 Spiegel SA, Foulk D. Effects of an obesity prevention program on the eating behaviour of African American mothers and daughters. Kaledo, a board game for nutrition education of children and adolescents at school: cluster randomized controlled trial of healthy lifestyle promotion.


Evaluation of a pilot school programme aimed at the prevention of obesity in children. Economic evaluation of "healthy beginnings" an early childhood intervention to prevent obesity. Effectiveness of home based early intervention on children's BMI at age 2: randomised controlled trial. BMJ ; :e An internet obesity prevention program for adolescents.

Prevention across the spectrum: a randomized controlled trial of three programs to reduce risk factors for both eating disorders and obesity. An intervention to preschool children for reducing screen time: a randomized controlled trial. Tooty Fruity Vegie: an obesity prevention intervention evaluation in Australian preschools. References to studies excluded from this review Jump to: included studies studies awaiting assessment ongoing studies additional references other published versions.

BMJ Open ; 4 4 :e A prospective multifactorial intervention on subpopulations of predominately Hispanic children at high risk for obesity. Body fatness and physical activity levels of young children. Effect of physical exercise on bodyweight in overweight children: a randomized controlled trial in a Brazilian slum. The Heart Smart cardiovascular school health promotion: behavior correlates of risk factor change.

Nutrition Journal ; 5 Impact of an active video game on healthy children's physical activity. Beard J. The effects of traditional and progressive physical education courses on adolescents' body compositions and student satisfaction. The Colorado LEAP study: rationale and design of a study to assess the short term longitudinal effectiveness of a preschool nutrition and physical activity program.

An intervention for multiethnic obese parents and overweight children. The family partners for health study: A cluster randomized controlled trial for child and parent weight management. Nutrition and Diabetes ; 4 :e Influence of health education regarding correct diet on anthropometric indexes in children. Starting early: obesity prevention during infancy. Nutrient intake of Head Start children: home vs. Nutritional education of children to influence the dietary habits of all the family [L'information nutritionelle des enfants pour modifier les habitudes alimentaires de toute la famille].

Briganti S.

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The Italian E. Childhood obesity prevention: an intervention targeting primary caregivers of school children. The influence of a high intensity physical activity intervention on a selection of health related outcomes: an ecological approach. Retaining traditionally hard to reach participants: lessons learned from three childhood obesity studies. School oriented intervention on dietary education: results of phase 1. International Journal of Obesity ; 22 :S Abstract.

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Excessive growth from 6 to 24 months of age: results from the prevention of overweight in infancy POI randomised controlled trial. Archives of Disease in Childhood ; Conference :var. Early childhood investments substantially boost adult health. Casazza K, Ciccazzo M. The method of delivery of nutrition and physical activity information may play a role in eliciting behavior changes in adolescents.

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DeBar LL. BMC Public Health ; 11 Della Santa AP. Study of the effectiveness of an educational model to prevent and control childhood obesity. Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism ; Conference :var.