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Rome: Peliti Associati, Italian-language version. Revised edition.

Porteo - Les Terrasses du Port (Villa), Centuri (France) Deals

Introduction by Geoff Dyer. Paris: Presses artistiques, West Bay. Abingdon, Oxfordshire: Rocket Press, Edition of copies. Common Sense. No text. Hannover: Sprengel Museum Hannover, Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Sprengel Museum. A small-format collection of photographs by commercial portrait photographers and others around the world of the unsmiling Parr.

Introduction by Marvin Heiferman. Second, augmented edition. Think of England. London: Phaidon. Hardback, Paperback, La tendre Albion. The Phone Book: — Edition of 2, copies. London: Rocket and Essen: Galerie One Picture Book Portland, OR: Nazraeli Press , Fashion Magazine. Paris: Magnum Photos, Text in French and English. Portland, OR: Nazraeli Press, With text by Rogelio Villarreal. London: Chris Boot , New York: Aperture, Istanbul: Mavi Jeans, Tutta Roma.

Rome: Contrasto, Main text by Ivana della Portella, introduction by Barringer Fifield. Parking Spaces. London: Chris Boot, According to the colophon, "The last parking space photographed by Martin Parr in 41 countries between and ". Everybody Dance Now. New York: editions2wice, With an introduction by Paul Smith. Madrid: RM, In Spanish. In French. Martin Parr in India. Kamakura: Super Labo, No Worries. Up and Down Peachtree: Photographs of Atlanta. Life's a Beach. Edition of 1, copies. Paris: Xavier Barral , Paris: Xavier Barral, Tokyo: Akaaka, Japanese-language version.

The Non-Conformists. Les non-conformistes. Los Inconformistas. Spanish-language version. Grand Paris. Voewood Festival. High Kelling, Norfolk: Voewood Publications, Photographs of the Voewood Festival commissioned by Simon Finch. Introduction by DBC Pierre. Hong Kong Parr. Photographs of Hong Kong in commissioned by Blindspot Gallery, accompanied by an exhibition at the gallery.

Black Country Stories. We Love Britain!. Photographs of traces of Britishness in and around Hanover, Germany. Real Food. London: Phaidon, With an introductory essay by Fergus Henderson. Photographs of food taken throughout Parr's career. The Rhubarb Triangle. Wakefield: The Hepworth Wakefield , With an essay by Susie Parr. Oxford: Oxford University , Think of Scotland.

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Bologna: Damiani, Bristol: RRB, With a short text by Susie Parr. World The Price of Love. London: Idea, Edition of copies Return to Manchester.

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  5. Manchester: Manchester Art Gallery , Edited by Natasha Howes. With a foreword by Alistair Hudson. Published on the occasion of a exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery. Boring Photographs. Photographs of Boring, Oregon. Edition of 12 copies. Edition of Stern Portfolio. Stern Spezial Fotografie Hamburg: Stern, Retrospective; texts in German and English.

    Fotografier — Stockholm: Kulturhuset, Martin Parr Retrospective — Seoul Arts Centre, Urban Outfitters, A "preview catalogue" of photographs taken in Marrakesh for the clothing retailer Urban Outfitters. Exhibition catalogue. Only Human: Photographs by Martin Parr.

    Lomepal - Trop beau (Clip officiel)

    London and New York: Phaidon, Published to coincide with an exhibition. Basler Magazin. Basel, Switzerland: Basler, Published by Basler Magazin, ". The Big Issue , 20—26 August Special issue of JMP Journal. Stiletto, Published by Stiletto, ". Luxembourg et Grande Region, London: Magnum Photos, In English and Japanese.

    Accompanying a exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. This special newspaper was published to accompany the show. It features the Paul Smith's winter collection as well as a folio of images taken in the UK.

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    Dubai: The Third Line, A year later these images were shown at the Third Line Gallery in Dubai. London: The Guardian, The Art Newspaper, 16 October London: Umberto Allemandi, Includes exclusive photographs shot by Martin at the event. Bristol City Council , The resulting images were presented in an installation in the school and in a newspaper that was given to every pupil.

    Bristol: M Shed , Parr showed the many images taken in his long career in the West of England. Switzerland: Du, West Bromwich, England: Multistory, Abandoned Morris Minors of the West of Ireland. Prestwich Mental Hospital Sobre Santiago: tres de Magnum. Catalogue of an exhibition held at the University of Santiago de Compostela ; text in Galician and English.

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    • Villa Porteo - Les Terrasses du Port, Centuri, France -
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    John Davies, Martin Parr. Sguardi Gardesani 2. Milan: Charta, Rome: Contrasto Due, Road Trip, Martin Parr and Friends. Sony Ericsson, With others. A promotional book for the Sony Ericsson K camera phone.

    Jean Giono: bibliographie

    America Witness Number Three. New York: Joy of Giving Something, London: Tate, Catalogue of an exhibition of Parr and Marcelo Brodsky's work. In Spanish and English. Amsterdam: Schilt, With Quentin Bajac. Intervista a un fotografo promiscuo. Lezioni di fotografia. Treemedia, Russian-language version. Third Millennium Information, Machu Picchu. J'apprecie vos interventions!

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