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Tectonics and Climate of the southern Central Andes. This exhibition presents the history of American slavery across a series of black and white silver gelatin prints. These images document mostly anonymous, unheralded, and uncelebrated places in the New World—from the Caribbean to North America—where Americans black and white determined the meaning of freedom. Archives of prints, newspapers, and other ephemera related to the struggle accompany the work. The program includes a conversation with comedian and author, Trevor Noah , reflecting on the life and legacy of Dr. King, and discussing the global impact of the civil rights movement.

Candidate, Philosophy Adam Kozaczka Ph. Candidate, English Enjoy coffee and light breakfast as you hear more about the research of the Humanities Center's Dissertation Fellows , D'Angeloa and Kozaczka. Contact The Humanities Center for additional information, or to request any accessibility accommodations.

But, what sorts of pleasure do they afford? Conscious sensory perception is a paradigmatic and relatively well-understood type of conscious experience. Thus, a common theoretical approach in philosophy of mind seeks to reduce all conscious experience to the senses, including all experience of pleasure.

I argue that this approach to consciousness is mistaken; it cannot do justice to the variety and complexity of human experience. To illustrate, I review some examples of aesthetic pleasure and explain why they cannot be reduced merely to the sensory. I conclude with a discussion of the ethical implications of my argument.

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Some pleasures reach deep into our psychology and are as cognitively rewarding as they are demanding; consequently, pursuing pleasure need not be incompatible with striving for self-perfection. Both authors manipulated genre and narration, and navigated legal concepts and terminology, to indict chivalric combat as counterproductive dueling is represented as both ineffective and anachronistic , and to avoid the harmful publicity of the courtroom the law proves a greater threat to the women victims than to the perpetrators.

Burney and Austen approach the novel as an alternative locus of judgment: they suppress questions of intent by using layered narration and subordinate direct punishment by instead sentencing predatory men to emasculating plots and unhappy endings. In quantum physics physical quantities are linear in density matrix, e.

Is there any way to measure information in the lab using physical quantities? The Chancellor will address several priority University initiatives, outline the progress that has been made and look ahead to opportunities for continued growth and distinction in The transcript and full video will be available on news. George Saunders is the author of nine books, including the novel Lincoln in the Bardo, which won the Man Booker Prize, and the story collections Pastoralia and Tenth of December, which was a finalist for the National Book Award.

In he was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship. He teaches in the creative writing program at Syracuse University. Colloquia are typically held on Friday afternoons, and are followed by a reception in HL The speaker for this colloquia will be J. The last massive intervention by the concerned public in U. One result was to shift the U. The effect has worn off, however, and two separate but related nuclear arms races have begun: between the U. The perverse dynamics underlying these crises will be explained and possible initiatives to mitigate them will be discussed, including a:.

More information about this week's presenter can be found here. The organizers of the annual Syracuse University Human Rights Film Festival host a free public screening of Trisha's Ziff's new documentary about identical twin brothers: contemporary photographer Joel-Peter Witkin and Jerome Witkin, a painter and emeritus art professor at Syracuse University. Co-sponsored by the S. The film is captioned in English. A 5pm reception preceeds an evening of storytelling as local veterans bear witness to 50 years of military experiences.

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Whether viewed in a department store, classroom, church, or community center, nontheatrical films engaging with race allowed diverse audiences to encounter representations that they could not experience in movie theaters, where such representations tended to be both stereotypical and marginal.

Drawing on a recently completed book project co-edited with Dr.

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Gordon will screen three short student films, all made in Los Angeles between and , to illustrate both the richness and the value of a more inclusive imagination of American and documentary film history. Bio: Dr. With Dr. Please contact Roger Hallas rhallas syr. Mary Karr is an award-winning poet and best-selling memoirist. Syracuse University students, faculty, staff and Light Work lab members may register for one-on-one portfolio reviews with the photographer. Registration contact information coming soon.

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This gallery talk doubles as an opening reception for Scarville's exhibit of provocative phography exhibition runs through December Douglas Dow Kansas State University. Dow, a specialist in the history of Italian Renaissance, focuses on the religious art of the late sixteenth century in Florence—a period long neglected in scholarship, mostly due to prejudices against Counter-Reformation Italian painting and the fact that it falls between the traditional and problematic periods of the so-called High Renaissance and the Baroque. In this talk Dow explores two sixteenth-century altarpieces commissioned by a local confraternity for the important Carmelite basilica of Santa Maria del Carmine in Florence.

The unorthodox iconographies of these images attest to the willingness of artists and patrons to deviate from Counter-Reformation codes of artistic decorum to meet the devotional needs of local constituencies. It was named a Best Book of the Year by over a dozen publications, and will be translated into sixteen languages.

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In conjunction with the world premiere production of Possessing Harriet , Syracuse Stage hosts panel discussion and open conversation with both Thompson and Bass and possibly other panelists, TBA focused on the slave experience. Lecture and reception with geographer and environmental studies scholar, Howe, presented as part of this semester's Symposium course, "Geography of Religion" GEO He lives in Brooklyn, New York. For a complete schedule and addition details as they develop, visit the festival website.

Once again, the festival features an exciting line-up of thought-provoking films. Spanish and Zikril with English subtitles. Mobbed by iPhone cameras and pushy reporters, year-old Nadia Murad leads a harrowing crusade to speak out on behalf of the embattled Yazidi community facing mass extermination by ISIS militants. English, Kurdish, and Arabic with English subtitles.

Visit the festival website for complete schedules and addition details as they develop. Human rights and social justice issues are explored through an international selection of documentaries and dramatic features. For screening times, locations and additional details as they develop, visit suhrff. Arthur Flowers is a novelist, essayist, and performance poet. He has published shorts and articles and is a bluesbased performance poet. Calvar led this project of creating a piece of music for mixed chorus, Afro-Caribbean percussion, and piano to commemorate hurricane victims. Music and text acknowledges the suffering of the Puerto Rican people and the need to restore critical infrastructure to the island, while also serving as a celebration of the outpouring of support many displaced Puerto Ricans have received from fellow Americans living on the mainland.

The first performance of this piece takes place at La Casita , September 20th. Although hope abounds that life-as-usual will someday be restored there, many displaced families have no immediate plans to return to Puerto Rico. Peppie is a first-generation American of Cuban descent, whose family, under a different set of circumstances, was exiled from its homeland. Calvar's project creates a piece of music for mixed chorus, Afro-Caribbean percussion, and piano to commemorate hurricane victims.

The music and text touches on the suffering of the Puerto Rican people and the need to restore critical infrastructure to the island, while also serving as a celebration of the outpouring of support many displaced Puerto Ricans have received from fellow Americans living on the mainland.

The all-student Hendricks Chapel Choir performs two public performances as part of their Fall '18 curriculum -- this date at La Casita , and September 23rd as part of the weekly Dean's Convocation in Hendricks Chapel.


In the s and s, the United States performed 67 nuclear weapon tests in the Marshall Islands, including the detonation of the largest US thermonuclear weapon 15 megatons , named Castle Bravo. Seventy years later, the impact of these tests on the Marshallese people is still apparent. The more recent challenge of rising sea levels, coupled with the remaining nuclear waste represents a particularly chilling problem. In this talk, we will discuss our recent work on this topic, as well as future plans.

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This is a two day trip where students meet with alumni and others working in areas such as banking, finance, private equity and hedge funds. Selected candidates must be of sophomore or junior status and be enrolled at the College of Arts and Sciences or Maxwell. Come to this information session in HL to learn more about how to apply. Sylvester A. The lecture will address Islam, Christian nationalism, technologies of surveillance, and current practices of racializing religion.

It will take place in Slocum at pm. There will be food, there will be games, there will be fun! Guests are welcome to stay longer if they so wish.