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Sam is a headstrong man with a penchant for foul language and gruff behavior. Sam is the one to take "action" against any type of villain they encounter. Though Sam has been accused of police brutality, the charges have never stuck. In fact, Sam takes great pride in being one of the few honest cops in a precinct he sees as infested with corruption and scandal. Although his style with criminals is rough, he comes across as boorish to most others, he's quite compassionate, beneath his rough exterior, to those in need.

He has a real passion for doing the right thing and seeing justice done if he has to resort to not-so-civil means.

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Sam is protective of those few he trusts and considers friends his partner Twitch. Twitch's dedication to his work despite the corruption of the Police department is shown to be inspiring to Sam, he goes to great lengths to protect Twitch from their fellow officers, who may mean verbal or physical harm to Sam's intelligent, diminutive partner.

Despite his down-and-dirty and hot-tempered personality, Sam is a good man, with a strong sense of duty and honor, his straightforward ways have put the detective duo at odds with their fellow police, but while Twitch is more reasonable than his larger partner, he shows a deep trust and respect for him as well.

While Twitch figures out and solves the duo's various cases and predicaments, Sam is unquestionably the drive and conviction which sees the two through. While not as talented as Twitch in deduction, Sam is skilled in being able to see through people and getting information. With a large and fat build, Sam has shown considerable strength and durability in fighting superhuman foes. He's capable of going toe-to-toe against the Udaku in a fistfight, who's powerful enough to rip a man's head off.

Sam has displayed some form of police intuition that warns him of traps and lies, which he jokingly calls a " spider-sense ". Maximilian Steven Percival "Twitch" Williams III is seen as the "brains" of the partnership, he is the one who solves or puts the pieces together in the rare crimes the detectives encounter. A brilliant mathematician who excelled at trigonometry , he has used his knowledge of angles to become an excellent marksman.

A shooting prodigy, Twitch makes up for his small size with his ability to handle twin pistols with extreme accuracy and efficiency, he claims to have earned the nickname "Twitch," as Sam once said, "because he doesn't, ever! He refers to Sam Burke as "sir", as throughout the years Sam has and time again, earned his trust and respect. Twitch was once married and has several children, but due to his busy schedule with crime cases, his wife divorced him, denies him custody of his kids; this did not seem to hinder him from his work. He reconciled with his wife and since does his best to spend as much time with his family as his duty allows.

Twitch comes from a family with a proud tradition in law enforcement, his father and siblings all being cops themselves. Despite his reserved and soft-spoken manner, he is passionate and proud of his job, in some ways more so than Sam, it is because of this that, despite his incredible intelligence, the apparent rampant corruption of the Police Department, which he works for, troubles him greatly. Twitch has battled against many super-human foes such as Overt-Kill , a monstrous, mafia-hired cyborg.

Despite Overt-Kill's bulletproof exterior, Twitch was able to defeat him with a single, well-aimed bullet through Overt-Kill's ear canal. Sam and Twitch were introduced in the comic book series Spawn as tertiary characters to the larger storyline of Al Simmons ; the duo were at first at odds with Al, both due to Al's questionable methods and personality and Al's own distrust of the police. However, they had come to form a mutual respect and Al sought help from the two, seeing them as two of the only people, cops, no less, that he could trust.

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After the detectives' own spin-off series had started the two made appearances in Spawn. Due to issues with publishing and Twitch was not always released in a timely manner; this affected sales. The series was subsequently cancelled in with only 26 issues after a four-year run; the delays continued until the end.

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The character Spawn makes requests the duo's help. Beginning with issue No. It tells the story of Dream of the Endless ; the original series ran for 75 issues from January to March The series is famous for Gaiman's trademark use of anthropomorphic personification of various metaphysical entities, while blending mythology and history in its horror setting within the DC Universe ; the Sandman is a story about stories and how Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams, is captured and subsequently learns that sometimes change is inevitable.

The Sandman was Vertigo's flagship title, is available as a series of ten trade paperbacks, a recolored five-volume Absolute hardcover edition with slipcase , in a black-and-white Annotated edition, is available for digital download. It was one of five graphic novels to make Entertainment Weekly's " best reads from to ," ranking at No. Norman Mailer described the series as "a comic strip for intellectuals. Various film and television versions of Sandman have been developed unsuccessfully since the s. Goyer will be producing a film adaptation of the comic book series with Joseph Gordon-Levitt within its upcoming Vertigo film slate.

Gaiman had considered including characters from the "Dream Stream" in a scene for the first issue of his miniseries Black Orchid.

While the scene did not make it into drafts because Roy Thomas was using the characters in Infinity, Inc. Gaiman soon began constructing a treatment for a new series. Gaiman mentioned his treatment in passing to DC editor Karen Berger. While months Berger offered Gaiman a comic title to work on, he was unsure his Sandman pitch would be accepted. Weeks Berger asked Gaiman if he was interested in doing a Sandman series.

Gaiman recalled, "I said,'Um Yes, definitely. What's the catch? We'd like a new Sandman. Keep the name, but the rest is up to you. Gaiman wrote an eight-issue outline and gave it to Dave McKean and Leigh Baulch, who drew character sketches. Berger suggested Sam Kieth as the series' artist. McKean's approach towards comics covers was unconventional, for he convinced Berger that the series's protagonist did not need to appear on every cover; the debut issue of The Sandman went on sale November 29, and was cover-dated January Gaiman described the early issues as "awkward", since he, as well as Kieth and Busch, had never worked on a regular series before.

Kieth quit after the fifth issue. Dave McKean was the cover artist for the series through its entire run; the character appeared in two of DC's " Suggested for Mature Readers " titles. In Swamp Thing vol. He meets John Constantine in Hellblazer No. The story introduces Hell's Hierarchy, headed by Lucifer and Azazel , whom Dream defeated in the series. Dream visited the Justice League International in the following issue, No.

Although multiple mainstream DC characters appeared in the series throughout its run, such as Martian Manhunter and Scarecrow, this would not be the norm. Gaiman and artist Mike Dringenberg introduced the older sister of Dream, in issue No. Gaiman began incorporating elements of the Kirby Sandman series in issue No. Joe Simon and Michael Fleisher had treated the character, who resembled a superhero , as the "true" Sandman; the Thomas and Gaiman stories.

The original characters were created between and with Soulfire set to be produced under the Top Cow , although that never came to be. Only when Michael Turner started his company Aspen MLT, did the comic begin production in April ; the Soulfire'preview' issue was first printed in Wizard magazine in March The preview introduced the two central protagonists of the story and Grace. Soulfire is centered around the idea of "magic" being gone from the world; the story follows a boy named a rag tag team of magical beings and cyborgs.

Malikai's quest as the chosen one is to bring magic back to the hardened future of and stop it from being used by evil. A related comic limited series, it takes place in the end of the last era of magic where a disease is killing magical beings and parts of magic. A Soulfire limited series which takes place in primal times of the Soulfire universe, back when magic was still raw and untapped.

Satires Ménippées. 1. Aborigènes - Andabatae

It led into the second volume of Soulfire, released in summer This is the second such series to spin out of the Soulfire limited series. While Soulfire is a limited series of 10 issues, it does not end there, it continues in the mini-series New World Order. New World Order is the bridge between Volume 1 and 2, it is 5 issues with a beginnings number 0 issue.

It is written by J. Krul with art by Francisco Herrera ; each issue contains a Soulfire Vol. Malikai -- A young boy, chosen to bring back magic to the world. Grace -- A winged female individual who plans on doing what is necessary to bring magic back to the world, she chooses Malikai to take on the task. Sonia -- Friend of Malikai, whom she harbors a crush on. According to creator Michael Turner, her hair changes colors with her mood. PJ -- Friend of Malikai. Many facial piercings and long, spiked hair.

Sometimes acts as Mal's bodyguard. Harbors a grudge against Rainier. Rainier -- Antagonist in the series. Responsible for the corruption of magic the one who created the mechanical dragon. Onyx -- A winged female mercenary who works for Rainier.

We first see her. Dragon -- The destructive creation of Rainier. Mooncrest -- A dragon, friend of Grace.