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The unusual outfits, which favor shades of light rose, jade, lilac and pale yellow, were first seen at the beginning of April at an event in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo, and have since been spotted at Skopje Fashion Week in Macedonia and other events. Many elements of the collection are actually collaborative works between Tosheva and aspiring architect Nikola Kunglovski. Together, the pair researched traditional Macedonian ornaments, before incorporating elements of those items into digital 3D sculptures.

These creations were then transformed into sketches for jewelry, clothing, and bag designs. Tosheva wanted these traditional yet futuristic pieces to be 3D printed. The MK3D team opted for a 0. Zortrax, founded in Olsztyn, Poland, has previously offered its 3D printing technology to other fashion designers. In , the company worked with Dutch designer Iris van Herpen, whose 3D printed dresses and other pieces have frequently grabbed headlines in both the fashion world and the tech newsosphere.

According to Zortrax, the 3D printer company is enjoy healthy sales, with its M desktop 3D printer recording three times as many sales in than in A new 3D printing technology uses electricity to create stronger objects for manufacturing.

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Levi's experimenting with 3D printed denim. Scientists create 3D-printed brain-like tissue from stem cells. How do 3D printers work? Michelin's concept tire comes wrapped in "rechargeable" 3D-printed treads. The Pros of 3D Printing. Jamiroquai's Jay Kay dons light-up 3D printed headpiece in Automaton music video. China's funeral parlors are going high tech with 3D printing and robots.

Les 3Dandies makes mouth-watering customized 3D printed chocolates. Amazing miniature 3D printed solar systems, moons and planets that fit on your desk. International Women's Day 42 Most influential women in 3D printing. Stunning 3D printed Isoled lamp will light up your life. These 3D printed flower lamps give a glimpse of summer.

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Hong Kong police use 3D printing to make detailed scale replicas of crime scenes. French doctors successfully implant custom airway stent made with 3D printing. This year's Oscar statuettes 3D printed in upstate New York. Reports: Disney acquires 'world's first 3D printed toy' company MakieLab. Dutch company 3D4Makers creates stronger 3D printing materials with pioneering air jet extrusion sys.

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The best treehouse you've ever seen, entirely 3D printed by two grandparents. Engineer prototypes 3D printed multifunction walker for people with limited mobility. Ottawa Hospital launches Canada's first medical 3D printing program. Formlabs launches new, reformulated Durable Resin 3D printing material. Dubai dental clinics to begin using 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies within weeks.

Boston celebrates Chinese New Year with 2, 3D printed roosters. ArcheoRov: a 3D printed underwater vehicle that captures images at meter depths. Sculpteo designers complete km road trip on 3D printed bikes. These mouthwatering modular chocolates were made with the help of 3D printing.

1) Dark Souls 3 leans more heavily on allegories to do with the Vietnam War

NZ fisherman invents 3D printed 'Keepa' to prevent injury to caught fish. Creative tourist makes 3D printed models of every landmark he visits. Chinese company Jala Group using 3D printed skin to test cosmetics for Asian market. Stanford engineers use 3D printing to transform children's toy into cent malaria diagnosis device. Plenty of people [e.

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While waiting for my Thomas Beale Junior-related books to arrive yes, the virtual BealeFest Will Continue , I had a quick look around the web to see if anything else Bealesque was going on. Might he be right? Gold starts in lodes rich, clumpy underground deposits, typically in hard rock that needs mining out : but when a river cuts its way through an underground deposit, it breaks fragments of gold away from the lode, and washes them away.

If they sink into fissures in the rock, they form underground gold veins spread out in long thin deposits , or else they get carried away into stream beds containing sand, gravel or earth, known as placers. Because gold is roughly six or so times more dense than most other materials normally found in a placer, it tends to move more slowly, to fall and then to get wedged in cracks in the bottom of the stream bed. So: to successfully pan for gold, you need to be standing on a placer deposit, though ambitious gold prospectors sometimes try to trace a stream-bed back to the lode or veins where the gold in the placer was originally washed away from.

Silver prospecting, however, works quite differently from all this, because silver almost never appears as a placer deposit or bench deposit in the way that gold is, but instead usually appears as ore that needs mining. In , the first gold in Colorado was found in placer deposits in Cherry Creek, near where it meets the South Platte River.

In , a French Trapper by the name of Eustace Carriere, while lost from his party, wandered through that region for several weeks, during which time he collected some fine specimiens, which he found lying upon the surface, and took them with him to New Mexico.

Upon examination, they proved to be pure gold, and a company, with M. Carriere as their guide, soon set out for the new Eldorado. In New Mexico, gold was first discovered in , several decades earlier than in Colorado. Placer deposits were found first in the Ortiz mountains in Santa Fe County , followed by a lode deposit close by, five years later in , which was still 13 years before it was incorporated into the United States. The evidence seems conclusive that no mines of either silver or gold were worked to any extent prior to ; save some little gold picked from the gravels at various points throughout the Territory and from the silver lead mines in the vicinity of Los Cerrillos […] pp.

Another choice quotation from what I found a very interesting book concerned the gold productivity of the whole New Mexico territory at this time:. And in fact Idaho Springs is very nearly directly north of Santa Fe the two are about miles apart. But what bothers me here is the sheer scale of the operation, particularly the silver.

Colorado may have become known for a while in the late 19th century as the Silver State , but circa , this was all a long way in the future. The second was made December, , and consisted of nineteen hundred and seven pounds of gold, and twelve hundred and eighty-eight pounds of silver; also jewels, obtained in St.

And they also seem to have exchanged a large amount of silver presumably silver ore? Pages detail the trials literally! As a Register of Wills in New Orleans, Thomas Beale Senior was doubtless privy to all manner of schemes that the often barely living tried to put in place to avoid inheritance tax, death duties and the like.

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I have included it herebelow, having corrected various scanning and transcription errors, as well as what seems to be one gender error:. In , Thomas Beale, sen. Shortly after, Beale, sen. Beale, jr. The estate was inventoried and sold as that of Beale, jr.

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Beale, the widow of Beale, sen. Upon the filing a tableau of Eastern District, distribution by the curator of Beale, jr. This was opposed by the natural mother the plaintiff in this cause as benificiary heir, and also by the creditors of Beale, jr. These sales were accordingly declared null, and the property sold by these acts of , was ordered to be restored to the widow and heirs of Beale, sen. The present action was instituted upon the notes given by Mrs.

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A want of consideration was pleaded, and after judgment for the defendant, the plaintiff appealed. Martin, J. The plaintiff, beneficiary heir of Thomas Beale, jr. The answer sets forth that the consideration of the notes has failed, the property purchased having been declared to have been acquired under a simulated sale, which has been judicially set aside.

There was a prayer for the cancelling of the notes. The same can be said for browser extensions think Mozdev or other similar free distribution channels. Some people make software convinced that they are giving away and losing money if they let anyone try out their software. But the retail price only matters if people see it and think it is worth spending money on. The shadier your software is the more of a viral buzz you need to make the marketing work.

A guy contacted me wanting me to promote his blog spam software for free. The first version really was not all that good, but I realized that feedback had value and I should spread it far and wide to get whatever feedback I could get.

You can also set PageRank limits. One thing that sucks with the current tool is that it does not allow you to expand the depth to get any more than 10 results from any engine at one time. Personally I would find the tool more interesting for hunting down high ranking low PageRank sites than to find high PageRank sites. Not something I know much about yet, but recently there have been a number of good posts on buying and selling domains.

Oilman recently reported on email spammers making his happy new year less happy.