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I still dream that those movies were made, some nights. Those are happy nights. Basically, our fantasy movies remain my own personal canon, and I just pretend the real movies were something I found on fanfiction. Enough about my Star Wars trauma. Let's talk about this story.

Because, oh, I am so sorry I put off reading it. It is brilliant. It is perfect. It is a work of stunning genius. If you've never read Heyer her romances, I mean; I think I'm alone, and I mean alone in the universe, in having loved most of her mystery novels , it doesn't matter.

Think mannered regency romance. With Jedis. He's a master who has loved before, and badly! And he's a young, rustic student with a stain on his reputation and a need for a master! And Yoda is a meddling busybody who always knows best!

And Mace Windu has a hangover and a very snarky tongue! My love for this cannot be rendered in any medium whatsoever.

This story has done more to reconcile me to the Star Wars brand than a written personal apology from Lucas could. Hell, it's done more to reconcile me than someone punching Lucas in the nose could. If you are - as I once was, and not too long ago - in the tragic situation of somehow having failed to read this, remedy that at once. Your life will be sunshine and puppies thereafter. Tags: [rec theme: alternate universe] , master and commander , star wars , stargate: atlantis , stargate: sg I just spit peppermint tea on my laptop screen, I was laughing so hard. And yes! It's an actual Sentinel AU!

Reply Thread Link. I know. But where IS it? I want to read this fine work of Sentinel AUness! Reply Parent Thread Link. Deleted comment. I'm a big fan of her mysteries, too, tfv! I have reaction posts on many of them as I bought and reread them last year and the year before under the Heyer tag in my journal. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. Possibly you missed it because it had its Fusion Shield engaged and also because it was, I think, written a lot later than her other TPM stuff.

I'm glad I could make you aware of the thing that has obviously been missing in your life. Holy shit, are you kidding? It'd take forever to go into it, especially since we sketched it out scene by scene, with all the dialog and everything. I can tell you this, though. Our version of Leia's mother was an ambassador in her thirties. And when our movie starts, deep in the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan and Anakin are almost the same age; Obi-Wan is a padawan except we called it an apprentice, because we didn't know the term padawan yet whose master dies in the first scene, in a spaceship explosion, having sent Obi-Wan to get the ambassador to her destination, and Anakin is the pilot he's a lieutenant; obviously, the real pilot has to stay behind with the ship under attack who flies the tiny craft they escape in.

Obi-Wan realizes the Force is incredibly strong in Anakin. Later, when the three of them crash land on a planet, he begins teaching Anakin little Force tricks because he thinks it will help their survival, and because he just stopped being a padawan by virtue of, you know, death , he doesn't realize what path he's starting Anakin down. That way lies madness. I think that alone makes it a far better version than the one that Lucas wrote.

So after I read your Story Proposal, I just want to read the Sentinel story, and don't have the capacity to read your other recs instead. I'm sorry! If it's any comfort to you, I also long intensely for that Sentinel AU. I keep trying to think of someone I could beg, whine, or pressure into writing it. Yes, we do.

1Night Stand

Because a the alternative is accepting the utter hash Lucas made of them and b we're fans, and when we see something has gone wrong, we FIX IT, even if that means rewriting three whole movies. So people can check warnings if they want or need to. I had a moment of pure, pure joy when I saw that someone had tagged "Machinery" on Delicious with "soulbond".

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Machinery is a glorious story! I simply cannot believe that it hasn't already been written. No, it has and I just haven't read it yet. You're not alone in the universe, we agree on those books. Speaking of books - I cannot get them, don't even get a dl link for those free ones, not being in the US or something, so while I'm not sure I'll read them, would you have a direct dl-link perhaps?

So Harlequin decided to give away some crap, but only to Americans? Can't let those durn furriners get a hand on our crap!

The Fangirl's Dream: 1 Night Stand Series, Book 187 (Unabridged)

Do any particularly interest you? Thanks to those who came to support this great ministry. So she isn't pregnant. Doesn't look that way in any of the pictures from last night. We are so honored and humbled that so many friends came out to support. Thank you to all who helped out!

To learn more about this amazing organization go to www. Also, we took a very serious photo. Great to see Carrie and Mike and their friends making a difference in the world. Classy couple. Well, Carrie sure keeps us on our toes with the hairstyle, lol. Because it sure looks like the extensions are gone again in the picture from IveyCake yesterday! Dollie is wonderful -- I had no idea how many books are in print -- and a great plug for Ivey. I love MH's shows, but miss the Little Rockers.

Never met Carrie there Just curious is Dolly Barton someone in the gospel group or was that supposed to be Dolly Parton? No, the interview was with Dolly Parton. Easy to see why she is such an inspiration to younger artists. LOL They wouldn't have had time to take the picture if it had been me.

I love Dolly, that would be a great interview.

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You can see it here. The video is the entire program, but you can move it over to the Dolly portion. I have the worlds worst sweet tooth!! Sorry miss-spell. Cause I was going say if someone was named Dolly Barton, that'd be pretty cool for them.


I'll bet Mike ate his, though. Maybe Isaiah got Carrie's cupcake, lol. They are mini cupcakes so perfect size for him! And yeah, I bet Mike ate both of his. I'm sad that Ivey is closing her Franklin store, although I don't really know when I'll be in Franklin again.

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We rented a house in Franklin last summer for my friend's bachelorette weekend and I drove to downtown Franklin to pickup IveyCake cupcakes for her party. They were SO good. On the upside, Brentwood is a little closer to Nashville if I'm in Nashville and want them! Follow them for some good food and fitness tips! Gotta love David Wild.