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The Life and Times of the Last Kid Picked

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The Life And Times Of The Last Kid Picked

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Tim tries to explain to his girlfriend and her parents why a prostitute is in his apartment; Rodney tells the office staff a made-up story about what Tim did at his bachelor party. Tim's boss asks him to act like he's the Hispanic Vice President of his company, to which he grudgingly agrees; while at his girlfriend's sister's wedding, Tim strikes up a conversation with an unconventional priest. To get a promotion, Tim agrees to take his boss's daughter to her senior prom; Tim gets into fight with an elderly man after offering him his seat on the bus.

Tim's co-workers give him a new nickname; Tim confesses something extremely embarrassing he did while at a baptism. Stu invites Tim to join him on his first date with Marie, which Tim later regrets; Tim makes a critical mistake while buying Amy's Valentine's-Day gift.

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Tim tries to help Bashko's daughter get a good job; Debbie tries to help Tim when he messes up with his co-workers. Tim gets into trouble after Rodney and Stu pull a prank in the office; Tim shows Amy's father a good time. Tim tries to help the mugger who attacks him on the subway; Tim is sent on a business trip with one of his older co-workers. Toughened him.

Last kid picked (4/3/16)

Taught him. Most of all, it seared him with a conviction that would last a lifetime in the game. From the pro who suited up next to Baylor and West to the coach who sparred with Auerbach, built the best franchise in ABA history and saved professional basketball in Indianapolis. He remains profoundly Hoosier, steeled in the humility of his upbringing yet stamped in the confidence of all he achieved. He scripted his basketball legend from nothing and won at every stop. He became the Depression-era kid who made good then waited 34 years for the call. And when it did, when the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame finally came to its senses and sent Bobby "Slick" Leonard into basketball immortality, he swore he never needed the validation.

Slick to his team in the moments before a big game: "No tears, no fears. Walk out like you own the place. Before the national championship as a player at Indiana, before the three titles as a coach with the Pacers, before the 29 years calling games on television and the radio, he was a shy kid without a clue how to ask a girl out.

He'd never dated in high school — his basketball coach forbade it — so he resorted to sticking his foot out to trip her as she walked by in health class. She resisted.


He persisted. Soon he was inviting her to basketball games, boasting that he'd be on the varsity team the following season. But he'd be a star, just like he said, and he'd win her over, just like he planned. He was named IU's MVP as a sophomore and a year later, he sank the free throw in the closing seconds of the national title game to deliver the Hoosiers their second championship.

They married the day after graduation. Sixty years later, they have five kids, 12 grandkids, one great grandkid and a lifetime of memories to show for it. She's been by his side every step, from eight seesawing seasons in the NBA as a player with the Minneapolis and Los Angeles Lakers — where he teamed with all-time greats Elgin Baylor and Jerry West — to playing and coaching stops in Chicago and Baltimore. And, finally, back home in Indiana.

But Bobby would come out and shoot with the best of 'em. He could play cards with the best of 'em, too. It was basketball legend George Mikan, who Leonard cleaned out in a hand of gin rummy on a bus ride one night, who quipped, 'How about buying me a cup of coffee?

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You're too slick for me. His greatest triumphs would come on the sidelines. Leonard took over a Pacers team in that lacked not talent but togetherness and molded it into champions. He helped the fledgling ABA survive nine seasons and, when the Pacers franchise hung on life support in , Slick — with Nancy right by his side — carried it through its darkest hour. Mel Daniels remembers Slick's first practice with the team.

Before the workout, the center and reigning ABA Rookie of the Year was practicing jump shots from 15 feet. His new coach walked up. Then there was the brilliant but baffling Roger Brown. Enraged while watching his best talent loaf through a practice early in his tenure, Slick gave Brown an ultimatum before the team's next road trip. When he finally did get back on the court, Brown was still fuming.

He played like a man possessed. Getting through to his fitful forward, Bob Netolicky, required a different route. So he did. After a dismal first half from Netolicky one night in Minnesota — and in an arena that doubled as a hockey rink — Slick lit into him.

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  • We need to stop pushing our kids.
  • Netolicky made the mistake of barking back. He came out and scored 20 points in the second half and we won the game.

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    So I'd say it worked. Slick on end-of-the-game situations: "Let's get the ball to Roger, get the hell out of here and go drink some beer. He once swiped a referee's whistle from right under his neck, once heaved a ballrack on the floor during a game, once punted a ball into the stands during another.

    And once, as coach of the Chicago Zephyrs during his NBA days, he stormed down the court, grabbed legendary Celtics coach Red Auerbach by the collar and threated to fight him right then and there. He held a single rule on the road: After the game, the first drink was on him. If a player didn't show, he covered the second. When he sensed his team was getting full of itself, he took the players to a children's hospital.