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Archie embraces the much changed contemporary scene and at a unisex high-tec gym the young manageress, Skye Darlanne Fluegel sets her sights on Archie as the only 'real man' there. She gets Archie to adopt faddish clothes and meet him at a trendy disco the 'Chainsaw' where they gyrate to new wave music , and then start a steamy affair which ageing Archie can't sustain.

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Ultimately, neither Archie nor Harry can fit into s society. Tired of trying to adjust, Harry and Archie go back to their old ways. First they try to rob a bank with members of their old gang, but all are now either crippled, invalids or dead. Then they hijack an armored truck, only to find it empty except for a roll of quarters.

When the media mock them for their blunder and mistake them for younger men in masks, Archie decides to hijack the Gold Coast Flyer again as it makes its final southbound run. Harry refuses, but Archie decides to do it anyway with or without his help. Archie stops the Flyer just as it's leaving the railyard and is soon joined by Harry. The media and dignitaries aboard are surprised, but Harry and Archie gladly answer their questions and pose for pictures. Richie, disguised as a SWAT officer, boards the train and starts it moving again.

Harry, Archie, Richie and Leon temporarily join forces.

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They decide to take the train to Mexico , but unfortunately the tracks end a few feet from the border. Harry throws Leon from the cab; the hitman vows to get them even if it takes another 30 years. Archie then takes Richie back to the coaches and uncouples the train, advising Richie to tell the police that he was kidnapped.

Harry and Archie drive at full throttle through a fusillade of bullets from U.

Tough Guy Legends

They crash through, burying the engine partially in the soil of Mexico a few feet across the border. A Mexican border patrol arrives to arrest them. A tough guy till the end, Archie kicks the lead officer in the groin. Adolph Caesar was originally cast as Leon B. Little, but died of complications from a heart attack before the film was finished.

Janet Jackson sings the song, " Nasty ," during Harry and Archie's lesson in Street Fighting with a local street gang. The Fabulous Thunderbirds song " Tuff Enuff " plays during the ending credits. The locomotive engineer is played by Doyle L.

McCormack , the man most responsible for the actual restoration of SP A portion of the Eagle Mountain Railroad was used in the filming of the movie. During the filming of the exterior shots of SP , the train was stored nightly at the Eagle Mountain rail yards.

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The local school children from Eagle Mountain School took a field trip in early to see and tour the train on location along the Eagle Mountain Railroad south of Interstate Tough Guys received mixed to some positive reviews by critics. Roger Ebert gave the film a 2 out of 4 stars stating "Watching Tough Guys , you begin to meditate.

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You look at Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster, and you remember years and years of moviegoing, Tough Guys might have been better if Douglas and Lancaster had played characters who were a little more fallible, humble and realistic". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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