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How credit scores are created

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This is the ratio of your total available credit to the amount of credit used. Lenders will assume you are a higher credit risk if your revolving debt is high.

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  • A good rule of thumb is to keep your credit card balances as low as possible. This considers your oldest account, but also the average age of all of your accounts. For this reason, you should avoid opening too many new accounts at once, especially if you have a short credit history. This is measured not only by the number of new credit accounts you have opened, but also the number of credit report inquiries that are generated when you request a line of credit.

    Credit Overview

    Find out how we work out your minimum payments, how to make your payment every month, and what happens when you clear your balance. Manage credit guides.

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    • Understanding Credit.
    • But you might not know a lot about them, or how to go about making them. Check out our handy transfer guides here.

      Understanding Credit Scores

      Transfers made easy. Further reading. Negative information, such as late payments or bankruptcies, stays on your credit report for a period of time.

      Some information stays on for seven years. Filing a personal bankruptcy remains for 10 years.

      Understanding Credit Reports: How It Is Used | myFICO

      Access to your credit report and score can be provided by credit bureaus to lenders, service providers like utility and phone companies , landlords, banks or other businesses like employers or insurance companies. Is your score in need of a boost?

      Understanding Credit