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He assigned pseudonyms to explore particular viewpoints in-depth, which required several books in some instances, while Kierkegaard, openly or under another pseudonym, critiqued that position. He wrote many Upbuilding Discourses under his own name and dedicated them to the "single individual" who might want to discover the meaning of his works.

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Notably, he wrote: "Science and scholarship want to teach that becoming objective is the way. Christianity teaches that the way is to become subjective, to become a subject. In , Kierkegaard described his own view of the single individual:God is not like a human being; it is not important for God to have visible evidence so that he can see if his cause has been victorious or not; he sees in secret just as well. Moreover, it is so far from being the case that you should help God to learn anew that it is rather he who will help you to learn anew, so that you are weaned from the worldly point of view that insists on visible evidence.

A decision in the external sphere is what Christianity does not want; Kierkegaard's writings were written in Danish and were initially limited to Scandinavia, but by the turn of the 20th century, his writings were translated into major European languages, such as French and German.

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By the midth century, his thought exerted a substantial influence on philosophy, theology, and Western culture. Barfod, v. Kierkegaard ; Nach der dritten Aufl. Kierkegaardske papirer : forlovelsen, udgivne Lilien paa Marken og Fuglen under Himlen. How are you supposed to go down on them like that? Kierkegaard died in Meanwhile, Nietzsche could have read Kierkegaard, but seems to have had little to no first-hand acquaintance with him. Jon Stewart , pp. As other commenters have pointed out, the link between Nietzsche and Kierkegaard is the Danish intellectual Georg Brandes I don't have any English translation of the correspondence ready at hand, so I'll do my best to translate Brandes' German:.

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A small book that I wrote on him translated Leipzig , won't give an adequate presentation of his genius, because this book is a kind of a polemic, written in order to weaken his influence. It is, however, in a psychological perspective, the finest I have published.

A Critical Presentation in Outlines. Throughout his career, Brandes had very ambivalent attitudes toward Kierkegaard. In short: Brandes takes from Kierkegaard the categories of the individual, aggression toward the State Church and throws away God, faith, and paradox. This is without doubt a Kierkegaard, Nietzsche would be more prone to accept than had he read the real thing. Sources on Brandes as a gateway between Kierkegaard and Nietzsche:. Northern and Western Europe.

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Is there any Evidence that Nietzsche read Kierkegaard? Or Vise-Versa? Nietzsche wrote in in a letter to Georg Brandes: "During my next journey to Germany I plan to study the psychological problem of Kierkegaard, also to renew my acquaintance with your earlier writings. Continue this thread. What do you mean? Thanks for the recommendations. I'll check them out.